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The New Some Bizzare Websites

Welcome to the soft launch of the new websites for Some Bizzare Records! We're thrilled to share this exciting milestone with our fans, artists, and the wider music community. This marks the beginning of an exhilarating new era for the label, and we can't wait for you to explore everything we have in store.

Two New Some Bizzare Websites

We're proud to introduce two new online platforms, each designed to enhance your experience with Some Bizzare:

  1. Serving as our storefront and news platform, this site is your go-to destination for the latest updates, exclusive releases, and all things Some Bizzare. Stay informed about upcoming events, read about our latest signings, and browse our extensive catalog of music and merchandise.

  2. This innovative network is curated by Some Bizzare and is dedicated to discovering and promoting new artists. Featuring cutting-edge 3D technology, this site offers an immersive experience where you can explore new sounds and interact with emerging talents.

Discover the Some Bizzare Globe

A key highlight of is our new Some Bizzare Globe. This interactive feature allows you to navigate through a virtual world of music, discovering artists and tracks from different corners of the globe. It's a unique, engaging way to connect with the fresh, diverse talent that Some Bizzare is known for.

A Whole New Era for the Record Label

This launch signifies more than just new websites; it's the dawn of a whole new era for Some Bizzare. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of music and technology, and these platforms are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more features and developments in the future.

Join the Some Bizzare Family

Now is the best time to be a part of Some Bizzare, whether you're an artist looking for a label to work with or a fan eager to discover new music. Join us on this exciting journey and become a part of the Some Bizzare legacy.

Explore the new sites, dive into the music, and get ready for an unforgettable experience with Some Bizzare Records!

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