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GL1TCHG0R3 is unusual in that they are primarily a “virtual’ band formed by Ted Bell and Patrick Chauncey, conceived, executed, marketed, discovered and signed before the two band members ever actually met in person. They formed in June of 2007, and within a few weeks developed a large underground following. GL1TCHG0R3 (glitch - gore) was born out of an experiment to create a new fusion of sound somewhere between hip-hop, improvisational jazz fusion, noise, IDM and glitch. Stumped at how to proceed with this task, they invoked Eris the goddess of chaos through song, art, insanity and an organ donation. The Mother of mechanized music was indeed pleased - so pleased that she plucked out her right eye, and created the most terrifying weapon of mass destruction in the universe to take its place among us. Thus Gearball, also known affectionately as Mister Twinkles, came to become the band's whimsical cyclopean mascot. Travel with Mister Twinkles and his friends through a wild acoustic romp into the depths of cosmic chaos. And if you listen closely, betwixt the screams of the undead and alien tribal rhythms, you'll hear the dancing laughter of Eris grinding away at the humming rotors of creation.