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Mojo Magazine interview with Stevo (unedited)

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Thanks, Stevo. Received and (I think!) understood.

On 17/3/09 12:05, "Stevo" wrote:....

17th March Mojo Stevo.

Question Can you remember when you first heard electronic music?
When unconvincingly comforted by there knowledge of there inheritance, using anarchy as a slogan.

Why did it appeal to you especially? Program for progress.
What was the state of play in the genre when you splashed down?

Status quo given me a break

Who were the main players? Main player was my mother that paid HP hire purchase for disco unit shop in Stratford East London

Can you cast light on the crossover between electronic music and "transgressive" counterculture? Media restriction Promotion of homosexuality, as at this time was illegal.

Could this be attributed purely to Gen P and Co?Also helped along by media., as its unacceptable face of freedom, only hope by Russia USA New administration , The neglect suffered by the industry,. Plotting beheld closed cooperate doors.

Congress has recently referred to U.K Music Industry as "Nothing short of State Sponsored Terrorism" congress defining words, be truth.
What were the literary, filmic influences on the scene, if any?


Great Nan husband avoiding capture concealed in the basement.

Grand Irish as Mum Mums from Galway & Great Grand Dad was from County Corker "British Irish Army" finding love in Tottenham "Boar War" the time desire to protect her love.

[I only ask, because of the apparent "impact" of William Burroughs, and of JG Ballard's Crash] recognize the sacrifice of Music Industry "Gay" meant happy that was illegal as father progenitor love whilst seeking security avoiding capture was not a gay affair, the modern terminology "Gay" Penalty if either be they captured the same Amounted to treason be this the "treachery of love" penalty as there is not. Whilst incarcerating brothers. Sentenced was death for the Mothboy windows are bricked upstairs, as before electricity the state was taxing day light., was it just that he placed himself beyond the pale of society? So, the only failure is to cease to try - as if he could not please himself, how was he to please his soul? To be 'beyond the pale' was to be outside the area accepted as 'home'

How did your Electronic chart in Record Mirror start, can you recall why it jumped ship to Sounds [under the name Futurist Chart]? I never jumped anywhere chart form were printed and publish in both Record Mirror & Sounds.

Were you aware of it being a grapevine for likeminded souls – like Depeche Mode in Basildon? Dreams are to be respected as original dreams are to stay alive.

I believe you've said you didn't like the term "Futurist" at all. Is that true? Idea of total freedom in music, Media tagged terms "Futurist" & "new romantic" as Some Bizzare to schedule release."Infected" The The Movie on DVD,

Why? UK Heritage Recognize the sacrifice of Music Industry Roger Aims Christmas present on one year, the gift was a 4 and a half foot crossbow, Aims said "Stevo thank for the lethal weapon" but wanted to know "why, it was that London Records Head of Depts., Got "apple peelers' MySpace Jan 2009 front page day before the first working day "Stevo Steveo being destroyed by UK TV" UK Promoting of disrespect ad the disorder continues Sport, Rugby league sky the limit. Seymour Stein's RIP loved P.A Shirley phone old me there a comedian in USA using your name its was respectful possibly by the spelling being Steveo, BBC to do interview about electronic music, as Rugby Sky the limit UK presenter appeared using and selling a book named "Stevo" Amazon linked to "Redefining the Prologue" trading off my name "Passing off,

And what would you have preferred?Anarchy in musically terms is approaching you from somewhere new, challenging can you appreciating that, without restraints, prejudices human reaction push away the inexperience.

Tell us about Billy's. Who came, who played, what went on? Stevo DJ Sets Blah Blah Blah playing live concealed from view, as hidden play there instrument, from under plaster paper mashie shaped Rocks geologically speaking, playing "the insider" live performance was not full as club was full of smoke as the tobacco industry was in denial of the dangers of smoking all to much for the "new romantic"

Your Some Bizzare compilation (1981) unveiled Depeche Mode, The The and Soft Cell. A seismic moment! Did it feel like it at the time? Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft, Fad Gadget Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Blancmange B Movie, The The Cabaret Voltaire all complimented live music events when I would D.J

Blitz Club allegedly turning some bizarre friend Denial Miller away at the door the Blitz Club when, "Warn Leatherette" was blasting

How did you go about signing Soft Cell? Hitch hiking taken by Modern English, Staples Corner (M.I) to Leeds Soft Cell

Did you really send a teddy bear dressed as Robin Hood to sign Soft Cell to Phonogram? The deal "Play". Cassette, machine strapped to teddy bear chest in layderoffen Referees as we have in football question what do we have in Bowls, as Umpires be if it is cricket, Bowls answer is "Gold Fish" "Beyond the Pale", outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour came much later, as did good manners (the absence continues,) now with the etiquette - the expectations of social behaviour on the side walk of entrapment, pavement face to face as opposed to safeguarding to shield - some bizarre protection.

Are any of the major-label-baiting Stevo legends true?

The New Paper the "Independent" newspaper printed an interview printed apologies was forthcoming, Nice editorially A Goal be it the hand of god, Header, "Bizzare after all these years" interview to compliment the Universal Some Bizzare release of "Redefining the Prologue" "I delivered Soul Mining to what was then Phonogram .Then sold it Warner Brothers. And sold it to CBS. One recording was sold three times – I don't regret it – says the wheeler dealer who possibly outdid the Sex Pistols Malcolm McLaren" subsequently printed an apology printed 9th Nov stating headline "Stevo" Bizzare after all these years" 27th Oct "to clarify, he was not saying that he had licensed The The Soul Mining to three companies at once, but withdrew the rights from each company before giving it to the next"

Bass Player of Einstuerzende Nuebaulten Mark Chung Head Sony independent European distribution, Bootlegs Einstuerzende Nuebaulten in Germany was making claims, which amount to economic terrorist threats claiming all sorts of untruths about Some Bizzare. The allegations are vicious lies. The attacks if they were credible in the least would have been addressed by an attorney and a competent court of law. They have not. They will not be. In truth they have yet to be reduced to a legal writing. Just in case your reader are thinking why are so many Some Bizzare records are being re-issued.

You seemed happy to let Mute's Daniel Miller have Depeche Mode – why's that? Great events transforms lives, plentiful, fulfil not rushing in, as to confuse, person confused will not clap, this was the approach "Conforming to deform" Zga" is a very obscure, obsolete, and peculiar Russian word. It means something really miniscule and in the contemporary language it survived only as a part of an expression ni zgi ne vidno - "pitch dark"

And does he owe you one? Personally Dan grateful with the artist was the wish is my reward, Essex proud of Mute Records and artists achievements are great best results title "Wrong" better title "The... failures Putin reward" because of this use in negotiations with Russia, Napster Saga time line and overall cost with pay thru to artist with there record labels and publishers, is being used by Russians as president.

Why did you trash Seymour Stein's office?Some Bizzare Attorney Sinatra, the Stones, RIP Marty Machat and I turned Seymour Stein's disk over is hardly trashing his office. Head Marketing Phonogram regards Soft Cell "Stevo why were all the gold disks smashed status quo". Stevo demanded Bugs Bunnies from Warner's origins of the Wrongly interpretive word "Chaos" Old Norse was a Germanic language spoken "the heat meets the frost the frost drops melted and formed the substance into life in the form giant, the father of all unpredictability" Marty Machat son Steven was then representing strongman Don Arden.

The hole matter stinks alone with it's defamations the evil within this music business.

Gracho Club Redefining the Prologue, compliments Headline GQ Magazine the A&R man for Some Bizzare at Phoogram Roger Aim front cover story five page spread head line capture "I walked Stevo though a door and on to separate occasions Stevo tried to throw me out of a window" GQ Headline" Roger said "I did not say that" I think this was pre planed by Russians as hand of chance, gifted by the world wide government trusted corrupted authorized this president "Crazy" idea to follow the West Napster outside the bounds of acceptable, behaviour, good example, administrated trusted failed authorities

Marty and I Seymour Stein's office Tainted love, before the desk went over, what a result if this is the greatest achievement recalls weeks later Seymour Stein's office door fly's open and radio promotion guy in shock and ecstatic screaming Tainted love on "Black" radio station first "White" record played WBLS went on to knock "Rock around the clock" out of the book of records for the longest running top 100 Billboard US singles chart

What's the story behind that?"apple peelers" Seymour Stein's quote Rock and Roll Hall of Fames "Stevo too Bizarre for the music industry"

You continued to release brilliant records throughout the '80s and beyond: Foetus, Neubauten, Swans, Coil etc. What, if push comes to shove, is your favorite? Mastering and or compiling, working on or about to be scheduled B. Movie "Some Bizzare Years" with Test Dept are releasing a 3 CD compilation entitled 'Archive' consisting of the best and most significant tracks from their entire history. plus Some Bizzare Soft Cell Marc Almond caterlogue re-issues
What is next for Stevo and Some Bizzare?Pedro Inf ART does not need humans at all to exist, Mojo in his own words.

June 22nd! 1st day of summer!.Risqué, a married Welsh and French duo Collaborating with such as Ultrafox Amanda Lepore and Billy Ray Martin, sexual titillation and unique electronica, with Some Bizzare Album appropriately titled Risqué. 'Tie Me Up Tie Me Down' debut album inspired by Pedro Almodovar.
satanicpornocultshop,"Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos" some bizzare album "Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos" is Greek of meaning said, "As sweet as old favorite honey". This is a concept album that makes Iraq War a theme. It's a story of king, people, birds, and the rise and fall of the nation by a lot of cover songs (Vashti Bunyan, Prefab Sprout, Messy Elliot, My Bloody Valentine, Phoebe Cates and others) and a lot of record sampling in the collage like a palace in financial failure age Lucid Sketchmaster combination of beats, rap, hip hop, noise, and industrial that blends together Short of a riot, it's doubtful you'll hear a more manic or angry sound this year Mainstream Distortion Director Alex Chandon, Pervirella/Cradle of Fear with his reward winning Short filmDark Poets Soundtrack "Borderline" to be apart thereof the New CD Enhance Gary Lucas Vs the Dark Poets album re-issue "Beyond the Pale" with scheduled new Some Bizzare New Compilation Album and depute albums from First Aid 4 Souls "Irked" Some Bizzare Double Album, "My Favorite Pain" the EP "Terra Incognita"showing the plight of Csángós. The Csángó are an ethnic group of Roman Catholic faith. ....

Mojo Magazine....



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